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04 January 2008

NYSRWB corruption scorecard part II

There was new developments on the NYRA franchise today. First it looks like the NYSRWB approved wagering for the Bruno connected Tracknet ADW's Twinspires and Xpressbet. TVG and others still have no approval and have been left out in the cold. However video was specifically banned, the only place you can watch the Aqueduct races are on OTB channels. So the NYSRWB decided in all their wisdom to rule betty but no looky. Lets add to our corruption/ineptitude scorecard.

Todays NYSRWB actions highlight another corrupt aspect of the NYSRWB. NYRA wants to offer free video on its website but the NYSRWB specifically restricts NYRA from having live video on the website. Why would the NYSRWB want less people to watch and bet on NYRA races and reduce handle and taxes? Because the NYSRWB wants the people to watch and bet with OTB which means more political patronage jobs and more surcharges on wagers. NYSRWB is the OTB cash cow protector.

9) NYSWRB blocks video of NYRA from internet and from racing channels to protect OTB.- Ruled as primarily corruption but some ineptitude as well was needed to come to this decision on their part.

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