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07 July 2008

Rick Dutrow Has Saved Racing

Rick Dutrow is the savior that American racing has been waiting for. While many were offended by his brashness and lack of tact they completely missed that Dutrow's honesty opened up American horse racing to transparency. What no one had told him was that it's fine to pump your horses full of drugs, but not fine to go and tell everyone. Other trainers like Zito, Pletcher and Jerkens get a pass for their drug use while Dutrow due to his candor got hammered from all sides. It is almost like people do not like hearing the truth and prefer when people lie about it. Now with the truth appearing in the mainstream press and in blogs the momentum to reform racing is gaining a head of steam.

One jurisdiction after another is tightening up the rules. Just last week New Jersey raided their leading trainers barn and test for EPO. California has banned steroids. Without Rick Dutrow's honesty none of this could have never happened. People like Dutrow have their role in life and it is not to be some persons step stool to high moral ground. He is a very good trainer and his honesty is bringing real change to the game.


Anonymous said...

This is like saying Hitler ended the Great Depression...

Anonymous said...

Yup,they raided Levine's barn and tested all his horses and...........not one of them tested positive.