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20 June 2010

Play of the Day and Booze of the Day

The Independence Day stakes weekend looms on the horizon and then racing has a bit of a breather from the big racing up until the opening of the botique meets of Saratoga and Del Mar. At this point of the year I refer to Belmont as summer Aqueduct due to the outstanding cards they draw in that span of time. On to the play of the day.....

Belmont Park, Race 9

#1, Make Note (10/1)

There are two heavy hitters in here that will take a bulk of the action, multiple stakes winner Ibboyee and General Maximus. They are the most likely candidates to win, but offer little in the way of value. Make Note faced General Maximus last out and today gets a six pound shift in the weights and gets an inside post which would provide for a ground saving trip.


Pick record: 1 0-0-0

Booze to accompany the Play of the Day in the likely event that part does not work out

Cisco Peach

I cannot do this fine beverage justice with my writeup, I'll let Bumwine.com do the honors with this excerpt:

Known as "liquid crack," for its reputation for wreaking more mental havoc than the cheapest tequila. Something in this syrupy hooch seems to have a synapse-blasting effect not unlike low-grade cocaine. The label insists that the ingredients are merely "citrus wine & grape wine with artificial flavor & artificial color," but anyone who has tried it knows better. Tales of Cisco-induced semi-psychotic fits are common. Often, people on a Cisco binge end up curled into a fetal ball, shuddering and muttering paranoid rants. Nudity and violence may well be involved too. Everyone who drinks this feels great at first, and claims, "It's not bad at all, I like it." But, you really do not want to mess around with this one, because they all sing a different tune a few minutes later. And by tune, I mean the psychotic ramblings of a raging naked bum.

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