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05 November 2008

Dog Racing Banned In Mass

A ballot measure passed in Massachusetts banning hound racing. Thoroughbreds will be on their hit list next. (check out the comments) In their eyes there is too much abuse in racing and banning it will make them feel really good about themselves. If there was a vote about thoroughbred racing in any of the liberal states along the coast it is a possibility that the flats could be shut down in places like Boston or Delaware. A government authority with a racino that wants to eliminate an unprofitable horseracing operation could manipulate this sentiment to its favor. While some would view the shuttering of Suffolk downs or Belmont Park as an injustice others will feel really good about it. Yet for those in power it will open up the door for the government to step in and fill yet another void.

To the common liberal type lacking experience in hard work or adversity racing is all about greed and fat cats. The complex racing traditions, hundreds of years in age and the hard work associated with racing are completely foreign concepts to most of these people. What they know is Barbaro, Eight Belles and whatever soundbite that reaches them through the media. The trainers, grooms and hardworking people working in racing are isolated from much of the population. The many groups and caring owners that save and care for retired racehorses are not known. The subject of horseracing was not covered at tennis lessons, MTV at indy rock concerts or in college. Racing fell out of the mainstream sports universe when TV favorable sports like football began to dominate at the down of the TV age. Racing needs to aquire political correctness in today's world.

The only thing many people know about racing is the cruelty of the whip and the troubling breakdowns. Unlike an organic frozen dinner horse racing makes them feel really bad about themselves. Horses are hurt, people that could take a nice job like them in a climate controlled environment are forced to work really hard and risk life and limb. The hard work associated with racing, the mucking of stalls, the smell of horse manure and the inserting of thermometers in a horses anus at 4am is completely foreign to these people who have been protected from this type of hard work. Racing has not been a part of most peoples lives in places like Boston or Manhattan where the life cycle starts with mommy and daddy protecting them and moves on to the carefree joys of college and then the office job making $100K+. This makes racing a target as it is a working class sub-culture which does does not fit into the modern culture of the crusading, do-gooder liberal. The fate of dog racing in Mass could be the fate fo racing as well.

The handicapping/wagering part of horseracing is really hard for most people to fathom. Handicapping horse racing is a sub-culture that is looked down upon in places like Manhattan or Boston. The fact that wagering is a game of skill where money moves from the losers to to the experienced well financed sharpies is an anti-liberal concept. Wealth re-distribution is not supposed to work like this. In their minds racing has to go and the cruelty and degenerate wagering has to go. In states from Massachusetts south to New York and in places like Oregon or California a horse racing ban is a reality in the next eight years if it could make to a ballot issue.

While a ban on racing would decimate tax revenues initially it could open the door for greater government control of wagering dollars. The profitable casinos are already in place at many racetracks. The racino is like the old automat restaurant opening up a McDonalds right inside of it's main location. When 95% of your customers are now eating Big Macs why continue subsidizing the part of your business where people have to pull a soggy tuna melt out of a dirty plastic machine. It would be very easy to eliminate the racetracks attached to these government controlled tax machine racinos. Public sentiment could easily be manipulated to close a track like Philadelphia Park and expand the profitable casino attached to it.

As a substitute for the lost racing tax money collected from horseplayers the Ministry Of Entertainment could program and computerize racing. Instead of employing grooms to rub horses and exercise riders to risk their lives working horses the game will become a computerized simulation of what it once was. Government has expanded like this in the past annexing the numbers game from independent civilian operators and calling it lotto. With racing banned it could become a government controlled an on-line game with no actual horse, trainers or grooms. These simulations are already available. Wagering will be run by the ministry of entertainment and taxed at 50% like other government parasite games like lotto. The proceeds will be split between parasitic programs with the rest being annexed by those in the party elite. This could happen in 1984 2014 or 2024.

Banning horse racing is a very real possibility in the next decade in places like Boston or Delaware. The sad part is that the trill of a stretch duel or the gameness of a horse like Holy Bull would be snuffed out for future generations. The beauty grace and knowledge gained from working with these magnificent creatures would be terminated.

Many people feel that they are just smarter than you and dictating what is best for everyone makes them feel really good about themselves. The 72 year old history of dog racing in New England is soon to be history. What will happen to those dogs? Who knows what will happen to those dogs but the fact that tens of thousands of Massachusetts voters feel like they did a good thing by pushing a button. For these people banning dog racing requires no effort but it provided lots of good feelings about themselves. It is only a matter of time before horse racing will come under attack from these do-gooders. It is imperative that horseracing aligns its humane ducks in a row. It is only a matter of time before racing is attacked from the left.


Erin said...

Wow. The sweeping generalizations and stereotypes you use to prop up your argument make it impossible to take any real, worthwhile message you might have seriously.

I honestly felt like I was reading an extended version of one of the off-the-cuff, reactionary comments that follow the greyhound racing ban article to which you linked.

The topic of this ban and how it relates to horse racing is an important one; shame that it couldn't be better addressed here.

G. C. said...

Yes it was a "ranty" post. The rant has its time and place. The danger in generalizing so broadly is that you are going to be wrong in many instances. Certainly this post is going to turn people off and offend them. However I stand by my comments because someone has to say it.

There are many people blindly taking up these causes with little to no knowledge of the subject. Someone has to identify the "lots of education almost no experience" phenomena dominating political and daily life in the liberal enclaves of the Northeast/West Coast. This vote is an example of that phenomena. It may be the first time many of read about this but it will be a growing topic in the next 15 years.

Tricking people feel good about themselves is big business and why retailers like Wholefoods are such a success. The same reason that Wholefoods is a success is the same reason why a ban on horseracing could happen in a place like Mass.

Dale Snyder said...

Hi blogger,

I'm just discovered and am perusing your blog (very quickly) as I have little time between now and racing a horse tonight - I'm a standardbred trainer in Ohio. Anyway I was reading your post on Santa Anita hosting the Breeders' Cup in two consecutive years and you expressed some thoughts on the new surface, etc. I don't know if you are familiar with Pro-Ride. It's absolutely the safest surface as far as synthetics go and it was developed in Australia. The installation was indeed oversought by experts from down under. Have you been to Santa Anita this year? I'm just curious since it seems the surface is very friendly to both trainers and racers. Trainers and jockeys agree it is an outstanding surface. I have not heard such recommendations from others that frequent the cushion, polytrack nor tapeta hosts. I think Pro-Ride is the future for synthetic surfaces.

Anyway let me know if you would like to correspond on an e-mail level - mine is infinityramair@gmail.com . I'm involved in a pick six syndicate, albeit a weak one as the members are only able to meet once a month, through the entire meet at Aqueduct. I'd like to get your input on the races there throughout, as I'll be watching and wagering on a regular basis as soon as I get other business out of the way. Perhaps we could pick some profitable winners together.

Let me know if you're interested.