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06 February 2009

Power Play Of The Day

Belmont Race 8

Here is a great betting race due to the entry of Giant Moon and Icabad Crane. Two horses that will attract much betting action that have only a small chance of winning. When you have two horses who promice to take huge action this sets a up a great betting race. The pick here is Manteca who is running second off the layoff and ran huge from off the pace last out. Not only does Manteca have a great chance to win but he should be a generous price. Should be plenty of value in the Grand Slam that ends here and in exactas or trifectas with some of the other horses underneath with Manteca keyed.


60 9-9-10
strike rate 15%
cumulative return $96.80
$2 ROI $1.61


G. C. said...

Icabad Crane decided to stay in Sleepy Hollow today which changed the betting dynamics of this event. Manteca did win easily at 2-1 the second betting choice.

61 10-9-10
strike rate 16%
cumulative return $103.60
$2 ROI $1.70

Anonymous said...

Ms. Troll here checking in-you finally hit one-lets see ya do it again to get back into positive roi