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05 June 2009

Brooklyn Cap Try III

If at first you don't succeed try, try again. This the third time Rising Moon has been pointed to the Brooklyn but the first year he made the entry box. Last year he was nominated but was not entered. He couldn't make the race in 2007 either after winning the prep for the Brooklyn over 2003 Derby hero Funny Cide. You have to give Dutrow credit for sticking with the horse and he finally made the race on the third try. After a long layoff he returned last out looking a bit overweight and wearing two aluminum pads. Some could look at this as a negative, I look at it as room for improvement. Surprisingly he ran well off that long layoff and gave graded winner Dry Martini all he could handle in the lane. That race may set him up for today's Brooklyn Handicap. The track is sure to be sloppy with heavy rains in the forecast all day. If Rising Moon races today and is not listed with aluminum pads he looks like a live price in the 12 furlong Brooklyn.

Going to feature the Moon in the Brooklyn/ Belmont daily double which will be expressed in multiple tickets.

cold punch 9 / 6

man punch 7,9 / 6

shadow boxer 7,9 / 1,4,6,10


G. C. said...

Rising Moon wore the aluminum pads once again and opened up taking a ton of money. We was a wagering trap and finished third. Alcomo looked outstanding in the parade but ran terrible. Delosvientos returned a horse with diminished form. Mud loving Eldaafer scored at 17-1 to set up a nice score for those that dug his mud record and APIndy mud breeding.

Cholly said...

Slightly off-topic, but you did bring up the Brooklyn Belmont double: Four horses ran (sort of) in the Derby,skipped the Preakness, and are running manana. None of the 4 made up an inch of ground at any call. The Rising Moon/Belmont pay-offs indicate that C.Candy, Dunkirk, & Hot Stuff will each go off at very close to the same odds they carried in the Derby. But the odds on Summer Bird will shrink from 44-1 to 10-1. Does that justify an Overlay Alert? He's attracting sucker money for some unknown reason.

I'm betting a Candy - Hot Stuff exacta.

Cholly said...

Whoops...meant to say underlay. He'll be 10-1 when he should be 40-1

G. C. said...

Wow, you spotted something on Summer Bird on Friday. Your intuition was talking. I can only guess that the sucker money was smart money.