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16 August 2009

Ban-Lock Play Of The Day

Saratoga Race 10 West Pont Handicap
After a procession of longshots it looks like logic will hold sway here. Banlock Banrock is going to win the West Point. DRF's Crist has a live ticket in the pick 6 singling Banrock and I am certain he will make it to the finale with four shots at pick 6 glory. Banrock has a huge class edge here combined with a versitile run style.

Win #7 Banrock

36 13-6-2
strike rate 36%
cumulative return 99.30
$2 ROI $2.76


Stephen Alicknovic said...

That's The Way To Do It...Class On The Grass...Good Call

G. C. said...

Banrock scored at 4-5 the ROI picked up a measly $3.80. My investors are starting to criticize the conservative strategy of late but my response is that these are "investment grade selections". Crist fumbled in the last leg of his pick 6 and had to settle for 5 of 6.

37 14-6-2
strike rate 38%
cumulative return 103.10
$2 ROI $2.79