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15 September 2009

Girolamo The Future Stakes Winner

If you want to know the who the most likely winner of the 2009 Jerome handicap will be, it is Godolphin stables' Girolamo. Girolamo displayed a wealth of racehorse prowess during Sunday's eighth race at Belmont. Not only does this colt possess blazing speed, but he has the class to rate kindly and the mind of a champion. Only an alpha male can cruise up to the lead like that and take such pleasure out of dominating out front. When a horse has all of these characteristics a stakes win is not a matter of "if" but "when". My intuition is that he will target the Jerome Cap' like his stablemate Discreet Cat and like his brilliant stablemate, a win looks like a certainty. Excuse me while I go out on a limb but if his form holds up we could be looking at the 2010 Dubai World Cup winner. This horse is an extraordinary talent and the pedigree assures that he will stay the classic trip.


Brian said...

I doubt he'll go to the Jermone, Midshipmen is targeting the race for his comeback.

Anonymous said...

Before we get too delusional, the 1st race at Belmont($7500 Clm) ran in an identical 1:35.

Brian said...

Ooops! Girolamo is going to the Jerome with Midshipmen going in the 3rd on Friday.