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19 October 2009

NYRA Sues Al Gore

Ozone Park - NYRA has taken the unprecedented step of suing Al Gore in New York Federal Court for fraud. Citing his work in "An Inconvenient Truth" NYRA has directly tied the fraud of climate change to decreased parimutuel handle that has placed NYRA and their 'Global Warming" extended turf season in peril. NYRA head Charlie Hayward "we bought into the global warming propaganda and it has cost us; we extended our turf season clear into December and now we have an obsolete condition book. It is mid-October and it has already snowed twice and we may have to shelf turf racing for the year " Promising not be fooled again by bogus environmental policy NYRA will revamp the 2010 condition book to reflect the post sun-spot colder weather conditions. The 2010 turf season will be moved back to late April while terminating some time in early October.


Ronnie said...

Anon: 7:52--Since you claim PowerCap knows nothing on climate control-do you care to enlighten us with your grand theories on this subject?

Anonymous said...

OP - Where do you site your source to this information?

malcer said...

Third time that I read kindergarten-level Gore-bashing on a racing blog (second time on your's , so a response is due).

I didn't sit through 3 seminars about meteorology and a course of lectures on climate change (by a prof who was highly critical about the accuracy [but not the general direction] of climate predictions) to let BS like this stand.

The occurrence and in fact the increase of extreme weather conditions does not negate or even serve as an indication against the theory of global climate change.
In very short: it's called GLOBAL climate change for a reason, a hotter global average temperature does result in an increase in unseasonable weather conditions and it does lead to significant regional drops in average temperature (most prominently for North/West/NW Europe, but also at smaller scales).

While I disagree with the first commenter about your qualifications as a handicapper, you are indeed way off on this topic.

G. C. said...

Sorry I could not leave the first profanity laced comment from the cowardly anon up, he was shown "the gate".

Malcer you had to sit through three seminars in junk science. The fact is that the history of science is littered with erroneous theories once elevated to be true and then forgotten. What happened to heliocentrism or phlogiston? They are soon to be joined by the fallacy of climate change.

Anonymous said...

This is so stupid. Leave out the whole debate over human caused climate change for a second. The NYRA, the bankrupt NYRA, is blaming Al Gore for a drop in handle? Is it any wonder that people wanted to pull NYRA out of the racing business.

Whose next? God? Some Christians afterall speak out against gambling.

Anonymous said...

The whole global warming is just another way for them to control us and tax us which they are working on. China recently experienced their coldest winter in 100 years and this year in the US, many regions experienced record lows. Remember, it used to be called 'Global Warming' but since that didn't make sense, they had to change it to 'Climate Change'. Wake up Sheeple!