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02 December 2009

The Last Fan In New York City

This kid is destined to be the last urban fan of horseracing in New York. For someone in my mid 30's there are few of my generation of sports fans that have the attention span to digest horseracing. Typically my generation of sports fans prefer to be spoon-fed ball-sports. Ideas are provided by the presenters and radio hosts and then parroted at the water coolers and cafeterias of the workplace. It would be glorious to talk racing with my colleagues but the last thing I want to do is bore someone with something they could care less about. Talk about a one way ticket to pariah-ville. Instead we have this web page.

If this trend continues the last local horseracing fan must be about 13 years old. It looks like I have located him. This kid must be in the same boat as I, lots of thoughts, a wellspring of fervor but no outlet. Perhaps he should start a blog. I can only imagine him trying to talk horses with his 13 year old classmates; not only would they be confused but if he is enrolled at a NYC public school he would likely face the double whammy of physical violence combined with social rejection. His description of school as "eighth grade hell" validates that presumption. Like sheep and liberals children are an ultra-conformist lot that do not tolerate divergent ideas; anything associated with horseracing is quite the divergent idea to urban youth. Hopefully "horseracing kid" has found an outlet for his interest and a safe place to discuss his opinion. We may have a budding Bobby Frankel here.

"horseracing kid" takes on opening day at the Big-A


Anonymous said...

Not that I have any pull-Togeter we do--This Kid is GREAT--I ave been following for the pure joy-

He is PR perfect--He should Be The
TVG Guy at The Track on the weekends when he doesn't have school--The kid has STAR writte all over him--A Young Horesrcing Boomer..Jimmy The Greeks Great Grand kid--You wantt to lament or do you want to reproduce Characters for our Game--s Far as RR foor The Game--The Kid is the Horse racing Messiah---Get him seen!!!!


Ghostsnapper said...

Thanks for sharing, this kid gives me hope for the future. :)

horseracingkid said...

hi im the horseracingkid

thanks for writing this

i go to private school first

and 8 th grade helln mean hard work lol

G. C. said...

Hi Horseracing kid,

Horseracing is a tough game for everyone. It is a difficult game for the handicappers and a challenging lifestyle for the horsemen. It is even tough for the horses. The most important thing for you is to sharpen your mind. Learn as much as you can about as many different things as you can. Liberally fill your mind with as much knowledge as you can so your mind bursts with ideas like a spring garden. This way you can take on the game and have a shot to be a success in whatever way you chose to apply yourself. Knowledge is the most important weapon in this game.

Power cap

The_Knight_Sky said...

I've seen this kid on YouTube. Slowly he's becoming famous on the web. It won't be long before he's on ESPN.

But what's with the handle queenlive1

Does that mean he's into the rock band Queen ? Just wondering across the Hudson.

Anonymous said...

Go kid! Love your stuff!!!