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14 February 2010

Primetime~ Play Of The Day

Aqueduct Race 9
Love the rail, the speed and the distance ability of #1 She's Prime. Not much speed in here and I think she could be clear and loose on the lead at a square price. The forecast is calling for windy conditions; this usually favors the front runners. In a field were the two turn resumes are short, She's Prime is a two turn master. When you consider the set up, the class and the price, She's Prime, indeed.

Win #1 She's Prime

2010 stats
4 1-0-1
strike rate 25%
cumulative return $39.80
$2 ROI $9.95
average winner $39.80


RC Turnboat said...

Hey Greg, in case you forgot the object is to try and pick the horse that comes in first..... not last.

That's two duds in a row, bro.

G. C. said...

She's Prime didn't make the top, was rank behind the lead and faded early. R.C. said it best.

2010 stats
5 1-0-1
strike rate 20%
cumulative return $39.80
$2 ROI $7.96
average winner $39.80