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13 July 2010

The other half of Belmont Park (second floor)

A few months back I took pictures of the closed section of Aqueduct racetrack, Belmont also has a closed section that is only opened to the public on major race days. The big difference from Belmont to Aqueduct is they keep Belmont in good shape, note how clean the closed off area is compared to the third world conditions of Aqueduct. They gave the closed section a name too, the reserved seats annex. I think it is high time that this blog claim some territory, so I officially claim the reserved seats annex in the name of the power cap and its associates. All I need is a flag to stake this territory.

Doors are locked that lead to the open section.

SAM machines are open for business.

Plenty of seats!

Old MTP sign, I'm pretty sure it wasn't in use before they closed off this section.

Don't bother jumping the turnstiles, the gates are locked.

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