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12 September 2008

Belmont $600K Pick 6 Carryover

Huge carryover. Have to take a crack at it even if it is a guppy-type nibble. My philosophy is if you are under $32 bucks you are okay and if you are over $200 you are okay too. Anything in between is too small to have much of a shot and utilizes too much bankroll for such an unlikely winner. A $24 stab at a $1.5 million pot is the way to be.

Race 4
Starting off here singling the Albertrani entry. Like the works on the FTS and the 2B should be ready to win getting off the rail and 2nd off layoff.


Race 5
Vision Of Sunrise has the class edge here and won off a year layoff in a similar condition 03MAy. Another single for the budget crowd.


Race 6
This race is my specialty. All about class and time. Nobody really has the time edge and not one of these have won this year. There are a number of easy tosses here with no shot. But for me Missile Motor has the field buried in all departments. Third single in a row and the most rock solid single in the six race sequence. Missile Motor will also be the play of the day.

Race 7
Going to the class angle here to dope out my horse. #4 Hall Of Famer won vs open MSW going long which bodes well here and he figures to be stout in the lane especially on the cutback. Couple works since the last effort and perhaps some value with the Mig keeping the mount over JV.

Race 8
Finally a race where I am not singled. I could not separate #2Diverse and #10 impressionism, Indeed when they faced each other last out they finished a neck apart. Do not like the seconditus record of Impressionism, but I will cover both.

Race 9
Take a deep breath. this race is not as hard as it looks, I hope. You just have to open hope the banlkroll and say your novellas and clutch your rosary or any similar religious-event influencing device. Using those horses that have not burned bridges just yet and have taken some money in the past.

$2 pick 6 2 / 4 / 9 / 4 / 2,10 /2,3,6,8,9,11 =$24 play

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