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04 September 2008

Curlin Not A Big Draw For The Masses

We all recognize that Curlin is some sort of equine superstar. His run in the Man O' War was the highlight of that weekend for me. While it may be that Curlin is a icon for the hardcore fans, he is barely a blib on the radar for the masses.

Many people complained about the third Saturday of the Spa meet and how it did not have a single Graded or Listed stakes, they said there was no draw. There was a fairly big buzz about the last Saturday of the spa meet and the presence of Curlin in the Woodward along with the Grade I Forego. There was a special Curlin website, numerous posts about the race and articles in every trade paper. After all is said and done the Saturday with no stakes race outdrew the Curlin Woodward day by 6,000 fans. 31K showed up on the 9th of August while 25K showed up for Curlin.

This sport is all about gambling and TV coverage. If the horse is not marketed to the masses during the mainstream triple crown series the masses do not care. The big horses do not bring the boys to the yard without TV. The NTRA should take note.

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Managed Risk said...

Just came across your blog and it's very entertaining.I am also a racing fan who loves the game and it is great to see a young guy like yourself enjoying this sport.

I see that you are a pretty good handicapper based upon your play of the day.

Myself, I limit my daily transactions to one or two win/place wagers and this is my 'comfort zone' so to speak.

Keep up the good work.