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05 May 2009

Kentucky Derby Senseless

Yet another article published bashing the pants off of horse racing. This has to be at least the sixth one this week. These articles are rolling off the the assembly like Ford model T's. This one is not only a good example of the "bash horse racing because it is too hard for us to understand formula" but it adds in elements of the dumbing down of America too. Instead of a bunch a factory workers rolling the model T's off the assembly line we have a group of indoctrinated lemmings who all share an identical opinion in lockstep with each other. With an identical quality and increasing quantity the articles are rolling off the assembly line like the Ford Edsel .

Shouldn't education provide these people with intellectual curiosity? A sense of where we are from, where are we at and where we are going? The author of this piece seems like she has not been directed to reflect on any of those three questions. Instead of curiosity she exhibits signs of single minded agenda conditioning and posturing for the sake of easy attention. These people have all been indoctrinated to believe that same things and play the same cards over and over. Here the author stretches to play the race card, "Speaking of uncomfortable traditions, the Kentucky Derby broadcast made the event seem like a giant social event for middle-aged white people." Empty point there from the author but she assumes if white people like it, it must be bad and an easy lay-up for bash points.

What these articles have in common are complete historical ignorance, a sanctimonious, self-righteous stance against animal cruelty and a total obliviousness to the love, care and passion for the horses. These articles have a very important role in the horse racing community, they should bring us together to motivate ourselves to educate the lemmings on the greatest game in the world. We have to make it as hard as possible for their ignorance and their ability to pat themselves on the back to continue.

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