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06 May 2009

Mr. Fantasy To Skip Preakness

After much speculation the speedy Mr. Fantasy will skip the Preakness. Following Mr. Fantasy has shown me how well McLaughlin and West Point operate their barn. They have managed Mr. Fantasy very well. There are many bullets to dodge with a colt like this and they have dodged them all so far. The first bullet was avoiding triple crown fever. They have taken their time, have picked spots that work and have managed Mr. Fantasy's high strung nature. This is a colt who has a tenancy to act up in the paddock, rather than exacerbate the problem shipping to a big race with a big crowd they have worked with and around these issues. Typically taking the safe route may result in dull results but these guys have maximized Mr. Fantasy's talent while minimizing his issues. They have a three year old with a real shot of taking down the Grade I Met Mile. If they are successful and I believe they will be they have a real shot at three year old colt of the year.

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