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09 December 2009

Philly Park Contest

As part of the celebration for the grand opening of the new casino called Parx at Philly Park we at Power Cap are sanctioning a contest. The first person to locate a reference to horseracing at the new Philly Park Casino website wins the pictured Belmont Park hat.

artists rendering of Parx At Philadelphia Park

The grand prize/never worn


vic p said...

Philly Park does not give a rat's
tail about racing or horseplayers.
Live 20 minutes away and avoid like a plague.
Soon the purses will be higher than
the handle.RIDICULOUS!
Please stop patronizing!

SaratogaSpa said...

There is no reference whatsoever to horseracing anywhere on the website. Sadly, lazy pathetic creatures that cannot think or move find pleasure in zipping a 64 ounce Soda while sitting in a chair for hours on end.

Racing might get a short term boost but like a junkie on heroin the long term result will not be good.

Please mail my hat so it gets here in time for the holidays.

G. C. said...

The winner is SaratogaSpa! Not only is he the owner of a Belmont hat, but he is the owner of sharp commentary on the relationship between slots and racing.

Handykapper said...

Actually there is a reference to horse racing on the last page of the images. A picture of a horse racing is clearly in view on a tv monitor at the Cash Center.

G. C. said...

Handykapper is right, there is a horse on a TV next to a bank of ATMs on the third page of images. Well done Handykapper. The right thing to do is to make you a winner as well. Just send your address to my e-mail and I will send you a Belmont hat ASAP.