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28 March 2010

Gloria De Campeao Had His Mind On Racing In Dubai

Gloria De Campeao did a volte face in the Dubai World Cup. He set an easy pace while unpressed but held gamely when confronted in the lane. He won the worlds richest race by a dirty nose and claimed the lion's share of the $10 million purse. His game racehorse gambit was in stark contrast to his Arlington Million run were he put on a show for all to see:

Before the Arlington Million the Brazilian bred Gloria De Campeao put on a show in the parade. For about 10 minutes he ran around with his head about one foot off the ground and cocked to left with his mouth wide open teeth exposed like a rabid dog. I don't know what he was doing but it didn't look like he had his mind on racing. This was a long way to come for a horse to go out and goof around on the track like a big baby.
Congrats to Gloria De Campeao's connections for having the faith to persevere with him. Surely traveling all the way from Singapore to Chicago via France and having the horse goof off in the parade is very discouraging and a tremendous waste of time. They based this horse in Dubai all winter and he rewarded trainer Bary by running a heck of a race. These are connections with tremendous patience and they were rewarded with an the largest purse in the history of horse racing.

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