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16 March 2010

Power Cap Better Than A Cap

After a week of spending my limo driver tip money while on holiday the return flight to JFK was nearly blown clear to the Great Lakes on Saturday afternoon. Winds were gusting to over 65 knots on the approach to JFK runway 13 left, but the very professional crew at American Airlines was able to land the Boeing 757 cleanly on the runway in the most adverse of weather conditions. We even flew clear over Aqueduct which was flooded; both the track and the parking lot. This was a passenger group that lacked diversity; every passenger that exited this plane was whiter than a ghost when they disembarked, regardless of the color they were when they boarded. The vast majority of New York bound planes that day diverted to other airports; we were fortunate to have such a highly skilled crew at the helm that day.

After driving home -I was almost blown clear off the Whitestone bridge by winds gusting to near 90 miles per hour- I was greeted to three days without power; I nearly had to change the name of this blog to "Cap". After a few days without electricity, hot water and heat you realize just how much better "power cap" is when compared to the the "cap" found can find elsewhere and in antiquity.

Due to the travel itinerary and weather consequences I missed the entire weekend of racing. After a long and dull off-season that masquerades as winter racing, Saturday was a blockbuster weekend of racing. Both filly/mare champs returned and one lost. The much anticipated Apple Blossom showdown is off. While I am not surprised that Rachel lost I can not say I am disappointed. The bright side is that the droves of other horse racing bloggers will have to find another topic to pick apart ad nauseum.

If you are wondering why the "play of the day" has not been updated in over a month it is becuase there have not been any plays in this camp post Ash Wednesday. Look for this aspect of the Power Cap to return after Holy Thursday. It looks like we haven't missed much this month; especially at Aqueduct were the cards get duller and the bird crap piles higher everyday.

Our derby future bets are sitting pretty after both individual horses-Odysseus and Lookin' At Lucky- won their preps last week. While we will surely need some luck to get both horses in the gate for the derby and will need a boatload of good fortune to see either of them in the winners circle, I seems unlikely that either 25-1 on Odysseus or 9-1 on Lookin' At lucky will be available after these two wins. Our wager on "all other colts" is a solid open ended insurance policy that should cover a significant portion of the derby starting gate.

With the Aqueduct slots deal completely disintegrating it seems that the rest of New York will figure out what racing fans have know about Albany all along.

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