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29 April 2008

Belmont Closing the Third Floor Grandstand Most Days

While I know that it is important for NYRA to cut
costs closing off the entire third floor grandstand
at Belmont is a horrible mistake that marginalizes
one of Belmonts best attributes.
The 3rd floor
grandstand seats provide some of the best views in
all of sports and that area is one of the most
popular sections of the plant during the Belmont
meet. The great view from those seats are one of the
best parts of going racing at Belmont and it is
unique to all tracks. A few sections of the third
floor grandstand near the finish line should remain
open for all racing days. I hope I misunderstood the
website or NYRA re-thinks this decision. E-mail NYRA
and let them know what you think.


Third floor & portions of second floor closed most day to cut expenses, electrical use, security costs and to facilitate better customer service (closed areas will be reopened on Belmont Stakes Day and other major days)Expanded picnic amenities, West End, Grandstand apron


jb said...

from what i remember, i would also 'choose' to sit on the 3rd floor. this would seem to go against the grain though, as you would logically think that the 2nd floor would be better. i am looking for tickets to the Belmont Stakes. do you think i should request the 3rd floor over the second? also, which sections are best to not only view the finish, but the stretch run as well? (i'm thinking S,T,U or V. do you agree?
thanks jb.

G. C. said...

The third floor is best in sections L down to U. The clubhouse is beyond the finish line and undesirable. The view from up there on the third floor is tremendous. The second floor is not as good.

By the way the third floor is open everyday at Belmont, just the section from the 16th pole to the 1/4 pole is closed where nobody went anyway.