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20 April 2009

Forth Round Of Aqueduct Slots Cash Grab

Whenever some pundit suggests that government intervention can heal the economy or some other massive issue I shake my head and wish these people would get out in the real world and see the daily gross incompetence displayed by government. A great example is the Aqueduct VLT(slot machine) parlor that was approved in 2001 that has yet to be opened. If government can not get a minor project right it is doubtful they can succeed and more ambitious projects like the economy or food hygiene.

This project was first approved way back when Monarchos won the Derby, Monarchos now has 6 year old horses racing. The first approval was for MGM Grand to run the slots. Construction actually began in 2002 and the slots were slated to start operations in 2003. Then Pataki came in and shut it down. NYRA needed to prove that it had integrity. This opened up slot grab number two which led into the NYRA scandal period of 2002-2006. Everything from waiters taking tips for primo tables at the Spa to mutuel clerks pocketing till money became a big story in the press. NYRA was bad and someone needed to step in to take over the corrupt racetrack. There might have been some truth the the hype but it was mostly concocted to make the slot hopefuls feel that there was a tremendous opportunity looming to open a casino within the borders of New York City. The bidders smelled NYRA's blood in the water when front page jockey weight scandal headlines loaded the slot waters with scandal chum. This fueled the slots feeding frenzy with multiple rounds of bidding for the slots.

The politicians had a field day as slot grab bidding frenzy was launched every year enabling those in charge to reap the booty of potential operators lining up to get the slots license. Pataki played the field. There was Bruno who secured Magna as a client and turned from an ardent NYRA supporter to a NYRA detractor on a dime. Clint Number Nines primary suitor was R. Fields reality who provided air power during his election bid for governor.

Now it is Sheldon Silver's turn to get sloppy seconds. The cash grab might not be as lucrative this time around but you have to love the chutzpah displayed by Silver launching the Aqueduct slots cash grab for the forth time. The first round was for Pataki, the second round for Bruno, the third was Client number Nines payday now it is Silvers turn to score with another round of kickbacks, free airplane rides, and free dinners as the suitors like up to secure the slot contract. Could they go for round five early next year? Whose turn is it next? Or did they go to the well too many times? Either way as long as Silver and the other connected ones secure their booty who cares about the people or racing.


Unknown said...

Congratulations! Did you know that you were ranked the #5 independent blog for the Kentucky Derby? Here is a link to the article.


G. C. said...

Thanks for the information. I had no idea that this page was ranked number five. With just marginal improvement you can key the powercap on the bottom rung of your superfecta.