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24 April 2009

Latest On Belmont LIRR

As the MTA opens the new $91 million Yankee Stadium station they look to shutter 104 year old Belmont Park Station next week. The information from the MTA is conflicting regarding the service elimination at Belmont. The MTA website schedule still lists a train departing Penn Station at 1156am on Wednesday 29APR with the destination of Belmont park. The changes section of the MTA website lists the Service cuts at Belmont effective early September. Then a call to the LIRR yielded the information that the train to Belmont will only operate on Satuirday 30 May and 06Jun for the Belmont Stakes. Dealing with these bureaucrats and their inefficiencies is very frustrating, so it is hard to confirm anything regarding the train service to Belmont Park next week.


Superfecta said...

NYRA will be running shuttles from Queens Village.

G. C. said...

Thanks for the info. It looks like a sealed deal.