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12 April 2009

A Sentiment Shared By Many Horseplayers

Some prankster out in California rented an airplane to tow this banner over Santa Anita. If there was any doubt how some people feel about synthetic tracks this makes it very clear.


dana said...

That's hilarious, and impressive considering the potential planning/expense involved!

MH said...

I think that was stupid, just like the "Boycott Magna" banner from ~5 years ago. They wasted their money to tell people something they can't do anything about now. It was mandated, and the last thing they need right now is to spend millions more to take out those tracks. Maybe they could have used some of the money spent to fly the banner to donate to the tracks if they care so much.

The_Knight_Sky said...

What "stupid" really is:

Wasting $50 to $60 million on mandated surfaces which were untested and unproven for North American main track racing.
And daily maintenance costs continue to accrue.

And they still ain't working as advertised. But of course, the state of California does not want to fix up their racing.

If they did, they could have used the funds created state of the art drug testing labs. Something that will actually get to the root of what ails the California thoroughbred.

By not taking action when the local horseplayers speak out like this,
the California tracks will continue to fight an uphill battle against handle erosion. The only ones showing gains these days are dirt tracks. And that includes the mighty Portland Meadows.

The signs are clear.
The people have spoken.