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10 July 2009

Man O' War Pick 4 Stimulus?

Looks like NYRA is trying something new on Saturday to stimulate the late pick 4 pool or possibly to avoid some expected late afternoon rain. The featured Man O' War is carded as race 7 rather than the traditional penultimate race 9. Is this an experiment to see how race order affects the late pick 4 handle? The race occupying the penultimate slot is uncharacteristically a New York bred maiden, race sequencing has been turned on its head. Maybe the secretary thought it would stimulate the pick 4 to lead off with a intriguing race. Creatures of habit are not going to be happy that their Saturday ritual is being tinkered with.

Horseplayers hate change(that's why they follow a game that peaked in the 1960's) and they are not going to like their racecard being shuffled like a deck a cards. This is like rearranging the silverware at a formal dinner, knives belong on the right and the featured stakes race should be the penultimate race on the card. Look for the handle on the late double to be decimated.

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