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01 July 2009

The Power Of Simon Bray

Simon Bray from TVG was on last night and touted two year old first time starter Mettled to the TVG audience as a live firster in Belmont's 4th today. He claimed that the owner Gary Barber personally told him the horse was really live. The filly was 12-1 morning line and opened up at 4-5 so the horse is either live or Simon Bray just swayed a ton of money on a short price loser. The horse was not bet in the double pool anywhere close to the amount of action in the win pool.


Anonymous said...

Mettled finished 8th- in dead last. Nice pick Simon, way to go.

G. C. said...

Poor Simon Bray and the people that bet this horse. He was last early and late and didn't seem to have an excuse except for he was slow. This is why few people tout horses, you look okay when you win but a complete fool when you lose and you are going to lose the majority of the time.

Glenn Craven said...

I don't really get around the back side of the track often, but I was given this sort of tip exactly once by a trainer.

He said a mare he'd had for awhile and did appear from the past-performances to be on the improve would be running soon, "And when you see her entered," he said, "bet her as heavy as you want to."

She was entered the following week. And then scratched for no apparent reason.

I'm glad not to have driven 50 miles to the nearest OTB for that one.