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26 July 2009

OTB Corruption Continues

Here we have a rep from Nassau OTB whining about their lack of access to the Saratoga feed on TV for their Long Island customers. If OTB is so concerned with the horseplayers of New York State being able to watch New York racing, why do they block NYRA from streaming the NYRA feed to their customers on the internet? It was none other than OTB that lobbied Albany to block the internet feed of NYRA racing to New York residents. Seems like some sort of desperate ploy to herd horseplayers into betting at OTB parlors rather than playing at home with a NYRA rewards account. While NYRA was blocked from streaming the signal OTB, went ahead and secretly streamed the signal without NYRA's consent.

Yet another example of how too much government and too much regulation completely kills everything it touches. NYRA is blocked from broadcasting their own in-house signal to protect OTB. OTB is forced to pay money from bets taken on dark days to NYRA, the tangled web of misguided laws leads to a completely dysfunctional operation. If a government can not manage something simple like horserace marketing how can the Fed take to take on healthcare? Downsize this bloated government and get that signal on the internet for New York residents.

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