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22 May 2010

Category Killer Track~Play Of The Day

Monmouth Park Race 3

Monmouth has traditionally been know as a speed biased surface. East To West is a horse that has a few things going for him at a nice price(10-1). He has speed, is cutting back in distance and dropping in class. He is also the only horse in the field to run in the last month . The cutback from 1 3/16ths to one mile should give him the stamina to win a speed duel with Strait Count. Maybe he runs the rest of the layoff horses off their feet. East to West is a coast to coast candidate.

Win # 3 East To West

7 2-0-1
strike rate 29%
cumulative return $51.6
$2 ROI $7.37
average winner $25.8

1 comment:

G. C. said...

I have yet to watch this race but from the chart it looks like this was a bad selection. The horse never made the lead and tired while chasing.

8 2-0-1
strike rate 25%
cumulative return $51.6
$2 ROI $6.45
average winner $25.8