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19 May 2010

Monmouth Park Brings Belmont To Crisis

Take a look at the Monmouth entries for opening day. 5K claimers run for $30K, maiden specials run for $75K while the purse for N1X is $80K. All of the good barns are present; in fact there is a convergence of horsemen as barns from California, the mid Atlantic and New York converge. In a sport where the success of a venue is tied to its ability to latch onto the welfare dole i.e. slots, it is a refreshing to see clear thinking put to action. This mega-meet will surely attract attention; hopefully the horse fans will recognize excellence and reward it with their wagering dollar.

In comparison there is New York, with its political circus of useful idiots, politburo mediocrity and ubiquitous corruption, this is a jurisdiction that could never actualize a plan like "Category-Killer-Monmouth". In New York there is only a collection of individual needs and it is power that holds sway. The common good is not only ignored it is no longer recognizable. All these years of demoralization have brought New York to crisis. The NY racing industry is micro-chasm of the entire state. Former leading owner Paragallo is in jail for animal neglect. It has taken over 9 years and counting to install slots at Aqueduct. Albany has become completely ineffectual; it is a deadlock of competing special interests that can not find common ground. OTB's business model revolves around theft of funds coupled with non-payment of vendors. The once proud NYRA has been reduced to a pathetic beggar, needing loans to remain in daily operation. The only hope is one day slots will come and bail out the whole wretched mess. It is truly a false hope.

While New Jersey may also be on the verge of crisis, it is at least is fighting and the ground is fertile enough to sprout a new idea. Governor Christie has enacted a bold plan of action; a plan of action that has a good chance of usurping New York's former glory. New Jersey has a chance to crawl out from destabilization, reverse decades of demoralization and emerge as a functional jurisdiction. New Jersey is setting an example. While New Jersey rises, New York remains mired in demoralization, is doomed to crisis and then obliteration. Slots will never be savior and are only a interim solution leading to slots replacing racing entirely. Will others recognize what is happening and copy New Jerseys plan? Hopefully this Monmouth category-killer track revolutionizes the industry.


Steve Zorn said...

Of course, what's making it possible in NJ is a subsidy from the Atlantic City casinos, that are anxious to protect their own turf and head off slots at the tracks.

G. C. said...

Good point that there is aid involved or "welfare" as I refereed it to. My emphasis is that the NJSEA actually has a plan to invest and market the venue.

Every other venue on the slots dole serves as a distribution point for the "slots welfare"; dishing out the the slots revenue 9 times a day, 5 days a week while crowds and handle dwindle. The only inescapable end to this "slots welfare" system is racing dies and the slots replace racing. The current set up of slots subsidizing racing is only a transitory system until racing can be eliminated.

It could be next year or in 5 years but there is no way that racing will survive unless it is actively marketed, refreshed and promoted like the organic being that it is. This Monmouth attempt at what "Cholly"(occasional commenter here) calls the "category killer track" is the boldest marketing attempt -maybe the only non-gimmick attempt- racing has seen in decades.

The_Knight_Sky said...

Slots will never be savior and are only a interim solution leading to slots replacing racing entirely.


Just what is stopping the NYRA from implementing a similarly consolidated racing season?

Oh yes. Albany.
They continue to reap in revenue from every wagering pool from every race. That is holding the NYRA and the national racing scene hostage.

On the other hand, I truly believe the New Yorkers want to continue their year-round grind. NJ is clearly in a better position because of that status quo.

Joesph B. said...

The NJ racing program benefits from the December-May break in the thoroughbred season, owners don't like running in the northeast during the winter months and bettors will always be affixiated on Fla. and Ca. during the winter. That opening day card is a site behold, if you don't like one race there is many other races on the same day you can bet.

The_Knight_Sky said...

The Sunday card at Monmouth looks even better than the Opening Day card on Saturday.

dirt-turf / long-short
Plenty of action for everybody.

Anonymous said...



gc said...

With that NYRA reports that it will cease operations on 09JUN10. There is no way that the backwater Belmont meet can compete with category killer Monmouth. With NYRA out of the picture Monmouth should exceed all of their goals.

The_Knight_Sky said...

It seems like the stars are aligning in favor of Monmouth Park. But still, any stoppage in New York should be brief (if at all).

No matter what happens, Monmouth Park is not going to suddenly change the contents of Condition Book #2 (yet to be released).

Should a stoppage occur, I would have to believe the GWB and the Verrazanos will be active as NY shippers are going to be "live" all over the mid-atlantic.