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09 December 2010

Blue Screen of Doom

Channel 71 has long been the primary start up channel for my cable box, looks like it is time to pick a new channel. NYC OTB for all of it's industry innovation such as in home simulcasting and telephone accounts has kicked the bucket. The in home simulcasting is one of the great things done in the last thirty years of the game, it has given the serious horseplayer the option of staying home to keep track of the racing card at his or her convenience. It would serve well for the New York Racing Association to take up where NYC OTB left off on the in home feed, lots of NYRA Rewards players wager on the races from their couch because it is easier than going to the plant.
In the absence of a live feed for the racing fans in the five boroughs I suggest signing up for HRTV online, you have to pay for the signal but they offer a live non-delayed signal from the NY tracks. If they ever restore the TV broadcast you have a a way to watch the out of state tracks during the broadcast of the NY card, it is a win-win situation. The link is listed below.


Anonymous said...

How many clams a month will this cost me to get the feed ?

Joseph Burns said...

I probably should have mentioned that in the post. There are a few different subscription types monthly, six months, and yearly. I have the monthly plan where I pay $9.99 a month. Not sure about the other plans though.

G. C. said...

I'm glad I have TVG.

Anonymous said...

I signed up with Suffolk OTB because my OTBPay EFT account could be transferred there instantly. You can call them at 866-LOAD-OTB and transfer to Capital, Suffolk, or Catskill. Go to their website at www.LoadOTB.com

Steve Zorn said...

NYRA is negotiating to get its signal on Channel 71 by Wednesday, and also to have live streaming on its web site. The NYRA Rewards account is a better deal than any of the OTB accounts.