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08 December 2010

NYRA Online Video Banned

Why does live streaming of NYRA video persist in being banned within New York? What is the justification for this law? 17,000 people depend on racing for their livelihood in New York; wouldn't be in everyone's best interest to make racing an accessible, successful product? Wouldn't video of the races promote business; strong business leads to people making an honest living which leads to less welfare and other social afflictions. If racing is banned why aren't other sports like baseball or football banned from the internet?

The ultimate irony is that while video of horse racing is illegal within New York other perversions -including video of crushing animals to death-are protected as "free speech". On the federal level the supreme court ruled that watching small animals being murdered with high heel shoes is protected by freedom of expression-- yet in the same country watching a horse race in the home is prohibited. What a disordered system-completely divorced from all forms of reason- democracy can be. It is no wonder that this regressive system of government died in 3rd century B.C. Greece only to be resurrected 2,000 years later in the new world.

Now with NYC OTB out of the way Albany must abolish the law that bans the streaming video of NYRA horse racing in New York. With few places to watch horse racing around New York City- racing is a game depending on fans watching and wagering from home. It is also a game built for the internet. The state must clear the artificial barriers that prevent racing from realizing it's potential as a web 2.0 product. The increased betting handle generated by streaming video may help close the multi-billion dollar deficit in New York- that is if they are truly interested in closing that deficit instead of fattening the bulge in their pockets.


Anonymous said...

The reason is simple--NYRA is trying to protect the signals from offshore gaming operations and also to push forward its own account wagering service where one can watch the video.

It's the same reason why signals for CDI tracks aren't available free and in the clear: they want you to watch and bet on TwinSpires.com, where the signals are protected...

Anonymous said...

Not true; I get NYRA signal live in my home, plus all the CD tracks, thru the RTN Network, which is now available with DISH.

G. C. said...

NYRA is prohibited from providing a video stream of their feed to even their own paying ADW customers. The dolts in charge in Albany need to amend this law and allow video streaming. Haw can you NYRA sell entertainment if people are prohibited from viewing the product.

The irony is that is a state that protects things like pornography along with animal cruelty as "free speech".