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11 December 2010

Two can play this game

Hollywood park took out an ad in the Saturday racing form making their case for Zenyatta as horse of the year, clearly they are using this to submarine our bid to make Stormy's Majesty horse of the year. Much like Hollywood Park we believe that defeats or in our case multiple defeats does not matter when deciding year end honors. Time to start up the propaganda machine for Stormy.

The ball is in your court Hollywood Park.


Brian Zipse said...

I gained so much admiration for this horse in defeat. It was truly an excellent and gallant performance ... of course I am talking about Stormy's Majesty narrow loss today in the Queen's County. ;-)

Fabulous post guys!

vic p said...

Joe and Greg

My personal choice goes to Fly Down
His determined strech run in the classic to nail Lucky for third
got me the trifecta and at least a
shot for a black type year.
Tuff beat for Stormy today.

Nick said...

I'm fine with Zenyatta winning HoY, but it annoys me to no end that so many people are using the exact opposite argument as last year.

Really though things like this ad don't sit well with me either. When people feel the need to start shelling out money to mount a campaign for a horse it's getting a little too political. What's next? Ads attacking Blame's credibility during the evening news?

gib. said...

Vic nailed it in my book.

The "Horse of the Year" is the one that put the most money in your wallet.

Great post boys. Super comment Vic.

I am so tired of the HOY debate. You've made my day!