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09 July 2008

09July Play Of The Day

Belmont Race 3

Dig this now. I have never knowingly posted chalk as my play of the day as I focus on value with these picks. However Digger in Race 3 at Belmont look infallible. Those might be the famous last words of a capper but I looked at this heat from every angle and the only thing that could beat him is racing luck. He will not add much to my total but he may improve my strike rate.

Belmont Race Race 3

Win #5 Digger

Cap Stats
30 5-4-3
strike rate 17%
cumulative return $79.20
$2 ROI $2.64


G. C. said...

That was as easy as it gets in this game. Digger broke first, set the pace and improved his position. Short price at $3.40 but a solid single in all wagers.

Cap Stats

31 6-4-3
strike rate 19%
cumulative return $82.60
$2 ROI $2.66

Anonymous said...

Picking the chalk in a four horse race? That is your play of the Day?
Gee, I guess we should be upset you did not give us the "Exacta Play of the Day" that paid a whopping $6.60.

Hopefully you did not already spend your $1.40 of net proceeds.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Anonymous, sometimes a smart call on a legitimate favorite is the play of the day. Barring any freaky incidents or wild shenanigans, Digger was an absolute standout dropping to $30K with those connections, that work pattern, his back class -- and he was even more so when three scratched out. You don't often get locks in this game, but when you do, you should try to figure out how best to play them -- and if you can't do that, then don't knock the people who can.

G. C. said...

Thanks Jessica. Digger was a clear standout and a investment quality wager. We have all sorts of picks, bombs, value and can't miss locks. This one was from the can't miss file.

Rather than breaking my chops if anonymous was a little craftier he/she/it could have keyed Digger in the $3,146 pick 4.

Anonymous said...

but you didn't play the pick 4!

G. C. said...

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