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12 July 2008

Only Fools Try To Beat Curlin

Curlin is much the best horse today in the Man O' War and will absolutely destroy this field. He is in another class and has explosive late kick. Curlin's class is so overwhelming that he may just be better on the turf, where class is a dominant factor. Another chapter in his legacy will commence today. Trying to stymie Curlin's class is like trying to contain a lit wild geese rocket in your pants. The rocket just can not be contained. When horses are this classy they can act on anything. Curlin will win today.

Those trying to beat him are holding the wrong opinion and it is not only going to cost them money, but in addition it is going to sour the moment when Curlin wins and they are left holding a bunch of worthless tickets. It is going to be a great moment in racing when Curlin wins today, don't ruin it for yourself by betting against him.


Michael said...

Really? So you haven't learned anything about Big Brown's Belmont flop have you? Horses aren't machines.

I think this is a solid field and while I think Curlin will probably win, I wouldn't be shocked to see him run very well but finish second to this very legit field (I like Grand Courtuier and Sudan as spoilers).

Patrick J Patten said...

That was the easiest back wheel I've ever hit in my life, threw out 2 long shots, got 4-1, on BC turf Champion
that's how you make money in this game.

G. C. said...

The fool was none other than yours truly. It is time to face the music. I took a stand and fell flat on my face very hard. Congrats to those that played against Curlin as you were rewarded with a logical winner at a generous price. Curlin ran a good honest race, but lost ground in the lane while having every chance.