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12 July 2008

12 July Play Of The Day

Belmont Race 5

Today there are dozens stakes races, a world champion trying something new and a summit of speed to choose from when selecting your play of the day. You can keep all that. The golden go play of the day lands in Belmont's fifth race in a lowly maiden claimer. While most will disregard this race as nothing of interest for me it will make or break my afternoon and determine what I eat for dinner.

#9 Westward Go has this field at his mercy. This strong finisher is cutting back from 9 furlongs to 7 furlongs against a field of horses that has problems finishing their race. He should be loaded and ready to explode in the lane like chestnut rocket ship. If he holds at 7-2 morning it is time to max out the ATM, call up Larry the loan shark, hock the family jewels and bet it all on Westward Go.

Belmont Race 5

Win #9

Cap Stats

32 6-4-3
strike rate 19%
cumulative return $82.60
$2 ROI $2.58

1 comment:

G. C. said...

Ouch, this one had a wide trip and had every chance to win at a short price. Not a good result especially with the level of braggadocio before the race. If this was a pay service I would have offered refund.

33 6-4-4
strike rate 18%
cumulative return $82.60
$2 ROI $2.50