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16 May 2010

Gimme A Light~Play Of The Day

Belmont Race 8

It has been over one year that I have waited for Pocket Cowboys to be entered on the turf. This silly old game requires the patience of a prisoner doing 20 upstate. The first time I spotted Pocket Cowboys this gelding was a two year old, from the looks of him I thought he would make a fine turf runner. He is a big boy with an imposing presence and big strides. it was these big strides that has helped him win the 2009 New York Derby. Today he takes a drop in class and stretches out to 10 furlongs on the turf. This is the kind of race he is built for. What has Scott Schwartz been waiting for? This is Pocket Cowboys' first turf race since 2008. He washed out badly in the 01APR race; if he is composed today I suggest a power bet on Pocket Cowboys to win today's 10 furlong race on the Belmont inner turf. He could be 10-1 or more.

6 1-0-1
strike rate 17%
cumulative return $39.80
$2 ROI $6.60
average winner $39.80


Amateurcapper said...

Power Cap,

Thanks for the heads up...I'll string along.

How'd your Preakness Day go?

G. C. said...

So-so day. It was such a beautiful spring day here that I couldn't spend it at home watching TV or at the track inhaling second hand pocket cowboys. Instead I called in the bets and went to the park to play handball.

The gambling started off okay with some short price hits. I ended up Dutching Schoolyard Dreams & Looking At Lucky in the Preak. Hit some minor win bet but the exotics returned stu-gotz.

Hope you cashed like a banshee.

Amateurcapper said...

Same as you regarding the exotics, bupkiss. Thank goodness for the old fashioned win bet. Too bad for horse racing and my account that this result didn't have a chance after the first 1/4 in the Derby.

Early thoughts on the Belmont?

SaratogaSpa said...

Once again Mr Power Cap shows why he is the best public 'capper in the game today. Be patient, watch the races, read the form, pick your spots!
Well done.

Unknown said...

Will affirm what Saratoga Spa said.
Hung very tuff yesterday and normally would not be looking to play today.
Had to ride along with the Cowboy!
Thanks PC. Best of luck.

G. C. said...

This is what I wrote about Pocket Cowboys in May 2009.


"The winner of the 6th race Pocket Cowboys is a huge gelding. He set a fast pace and held gamely after being confronted, albeit with the bias. This is a horse that is built to run on the turf When he runs first time turf I will take a swing with him as he has the look for a horse that would relish that surface. If the race is on the inner turf it will be a bigger swing as a speedy horse that likes turf does very well on the inner turf at Belmont."

After waiting over a year the thought was validated. No wonder why everyone is old at the racetrack. Who has time for a game like this?

more on Cowboys


Pocket Cowboys rolled and won rather impressively. The only downer was that 9-2 was a little short on a horse that was de facto first time turf and coming off two last place finishes. He looked like the kind of horse that could come back and win again. He would have been a great claim today for $25K.

7 2-0-1
strike rate 29%
cumulative return $51.6
$2 ROI $7.37
average winner $25.8

Amateurcapper said...


Excellent call and thanks for the tip! Didn't get to watch it live, but after a day of hard work (car, yard) this was a very welcome evening gift.

Anonymous said...

I watched the replay of the NY Derby and Cowboys almost gets airborne when he's running. Appreciate you sharing your thoughts. Got Lucky and also played an exacta with Good Karma.
Haven't thought about handball in over 50 years.