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16 April 2011

Better get to know a Derby prospect: Uncle Mo

Nickname: Mr. Softee

First Impression: He certainly looks exposed after that Wood Memorial.

The case for this horse winning the Derby: His last race was just a speed bump and the loss will toughen him up

The case against: He probably has some distance limitations like Favorite Trick did. He hasn’t had a tough work schedule since his Breeders’ Cup win. Other top prospects have been solidifying their postions while Mo was vacationing at Palm Meadows.

Thanks Pletcher, nice training job. If a heavy favorite loses it should finish off the board, not a meager third saving the bridge jumpers from an embarrassing loss. In addition to that Uncle Mo losing destroyed the pick fours and pick sixes that had him singled. Imagine being alive in a pick six that started with 8/1 and 6/1 winners and having what looks like a mortal lock as the single. It feels good, right? The 1/10 shot runs like a 10/1 plug, not such a great feeling anymore. The pick six players had to have played those tickets off site, because the lack of property damage and no rioting at Aqueduct after that loss with so much money riding on one horse is astounding. There has been rioting at Yonkers Raceway for less.

For selfish reasons I wanted to see Uncle Mo win the Wood. Not because I had any money on him, but for the reason that it would be a nice finish to this series. It is like a writer at Game 6 of the 1986 World Series cheering for the Red Sox to win for the reason that the article they wrote was completed; a change in the outcome will cause massive changes close to a deadline. Instead of a strong finish to this series now it will limp to the finish line like Uncle Mo, thanks Pletcher.


Bill said...

Spot on 'Cap, excellent analysis. Here is how Billy Turner of Seattle Slew fame describes how to condition an elite triple crown thoroughbred:

“A good horse needs a lot of training,” Turner insisted. “Not only can they take it, they want it, and you’re not doing them any favors if you don’t give them the chance to develop their ability."

Doesn't sound too much like Pletcher, does it?

Brian Appleton said...

Ecellent post! I can't believe Pletcher is handling Uncle Mo so badly, after the Wood I was shocked to hear him say he wasn't short. It was obvious he was short and needed much more conditioning leading up to the race. With only two planned works and Pletcher stating he won't increase the difficulty of Mo's works my confidence is quickly waning in his Derby ability. I really love this colt but I'm afraid he's really going to be up against it in the Derby!

gib. said...

They should move the Derby up to January and spare us this farce of a "Derby Trail." These barns act like it is privilege for us to see their royal colts run.

I have more affection for the grinders that go all out every three weeks on the Aquduct inner. These types are the foundation the sport.