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21 April 2011

A Storm is returning

The champ is back. From the date of his last race on December 11th until now food has not tasted the same, the air has not smelled as fresh, and racing has not been the same. There have been three major snowstorms since Stormy's Majesty went on an extended break, clearly this was a sign from nature that it was not pleased with the absence of his majesty. While others have vainly tried to claim the empty throne left by the Galluscio rocket, Stormy has been biding his time waiting for worthy challengers. This race is just a harbinger of things to come, last year writers clearly marked their horse of the year ballots wrong due to blurry vision, acute headaches, or general malaise despite sound reasoning and an altered ballot to help the less technologically inclined. This year will be the year of Stormy's Majesty! All hail Stormy!

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Anonymous said...

Another arm chair ride as Kent Desormeaux likes to say. Well on his way to another HOY campaign. HOF is next.