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22 February 2008

NYC OTB shutting down?

Bloomie is threating to close NYC OTB, it is an empty threat. Once in a while I still go to my base OTB in flushing, it is a fun place where I feel at home. My favorite part is that is is acceptable to go completely ballistic and hit the TV's with the racing form, talk to yourself and shout at the top of your lungs. These things would get you kicked out of many places and committed at some suburban mall. The joint I frequent was originally one storefront but as time went on they took over adjacent storefronts and expanded to three stores.

The fun part is that all three rooms are racially segregated just like going to a jail or high school. The Original room is mixed and has the mixed bag of foreigners, here smaller groups not big enough to control a room can have a corner to themselves, the Koreans, Slavs, Greeks and Hispanics hang in here. The middle room is completely Chinese, if you are not Chinese and stay in this room it is only a matter of time before somebody says "you go now". The new big room is the English speaking room for the long time Jews and Italians that were born here.

They are not shutting this thing down, it makes too much money. This is just an empty threat to gain some leverage in the NYC/Albany power play where only crisis initiates action.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I just thought your blog was poorly written with typos, but it is offensive too.

G. C. said...

That's not fair Bill, at least the offensive part. You are posting from a position of ignorance. Have you been to the OTB on Farrington Street in Flushing Queens?

With a complete and total lack of experience at this location you are in no position to judge those that wield a wealth of empirical evidence. While I am sorry that my point of view is considered offensive, if you had an open mind and actually spent day after day at this OTB perhaps you would concur on the report.