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14 February 2008

Santa Anita Track issues persist

The play of the day landed at Santa Anita yesterday with Aqu & GP on the fritz. is gave us a special oppurtunity to anayize exactly how the improvements to the track have been progressing While the card was completed it was not quite without issues. In between the 4th and 5th races there was a long delay and the tractors rolled over the track with a power apparatus to power harrow the Pro-Ride/Cushion track hybrid all weather surface. In the early races the times were blazing and maybe the jocks complained that the surfaces was baked hard and dangerous.

During the delay many late scratches were announced apparently due to the questionable safety of the track. Race eight where the play of the day landed was decimated by late scratches. Declans Moon, Les Grand Trois and our pick Tontine Too all scratched after the delay. It looks like Magna and Santa Anita management still have many issues to work. A soundly contructed track does not need mid-card delays to correct track issues on a beautifully sunny day

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