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08 February 2008

Santa Anita Awarded yet another Breders Cup

Santa Anita was awarded the 2009 the Breeders Cup yesterday. Was this a reward for running this meet so well? Maybe this was a good pick me up for the besieged Santa Anita management but the timing is interesting. How could a track be awarded a Breeders Cup when they do not have a viable surface? Maybe it is a safe assumption that the lack of a surface will be sorted out by 2009 but how can there be a safe assumption after the infamous assumption that cushion track would install a safe surface last year?

Maybe this is not all Santa Anita's and Magnas fault. Maybe they are just victims of the evil English Cushion track. Did you know Cushion track is headed by an English descendant of Benedict Arnold? Here we are hundreds of years later and the Arnold's are still taking out their revenge on the Yanks. How would Santa Anita management know that they should have held the company that builds its track accountable for the racing surface they were installing? Do you think airlines make sure that the airplanes they buy are airworthy? Of course not they just assume they will fly. So why should have Santa Anita ensured that the new formula installed by Cushion Track was race and weather worthy?

What about the awful weather of California? It is easy for a blogger from New York to marginalize the brutal weather conditions of winter in California. There was a reason the Japanese where interned in concentration camps in the Santa Anita infield, with the weather this year we are seeing the one of the reasons clearly illustrated. When you think Santa Anita it is the equivalent of being sent to Siberia. The temp dropped below 70F at Arcadia last week and it rained twice this month, how do you expect them to run under such conditions? Absolutely unlivable conditions for California.

Under Santa Anitas master management they only 12 of 32 days to weather issues. Add it all up and Santa Anita deserves to present the BC forever. Why just stop at the BC? Magna deserves to be rewarded. As a testament to their genius Santa Anita should have been awarded the Miss America pageant, the national spelling bee and the Eukanuba Dog Show in Addition to the BC yet again.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great another Blogger w/o the facts.

Maybe Santa Anita got the two Cups because: Churchill didn't want it because they make no money on it and NYRA with the BK going on, why give it to them.

That's the real two reason SA got the cup.

There's plenty of information out there to check your facts if you look!

"Maybe they are just victims of the evil English Cushion?"

No, its called business decisions.