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10 February 2008

play of the day 10 FEB 2008

Aqueduct race 9-

Love the timing of #8 River Mountain road, fits the condition to a tee winning his last race on the 11AUG. In addition the 20K win is the tops in the field so the timing edge is combined with a class edge. 10-1 is juicy and throw in 2nd off layoff form. I count three distinct edges in the elementary form factors. A true play of the day.

Race 9 Win #8 River Mountain Rd

14 3-1-1
strike rate 21%
cumulative return $37.00
ROI $2.64

1 comment:

G. C. said...

MT road showed nothing. Disappointing effort.

15 3-1-1
strike rate 20%
cumulative return $37.00
ROI $2.47