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01 February 2008

Racing Dispatch

Travis Stone and crew have recently re-vamped the racing dispatch website. What was once a list of links to news stories, has been transformed into a interactive news portal where individuals can post their own stories and comment about stories posted in the mainstream media. This site functions as both a tool and a resource.

While racing is somehow pigeonholed as an old mans game it has its edges over the mass appeal ball sports in the modern era. One of the modern strengths of racing is that the internet can be used as a tremendous resource for the savvier, smarter racefan. In comparison the drone like ball sports fans are usually found sprawled out in a catatonic state on the couch, plugged in to the TV, while the racefan sharpens his/her mind analyzing past past performances. Racing dispatch seems to be capitalizing on racings strong presence on the internet, highlighting opinions from the fans and allowing them to be part of the action. The racing fan appreciates his/her opinion being valued and the Racing Dispatch offers the fan empowerment.

Travis is one of the young stars out there in the racing media, his potential is unlimited. The racing dispatch and his crew bring new, fresh ideas to the electronic racing media.

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