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10 May 2008

Casino Drive Impressive In Peter Pan

Between the lack of experience, the lack of seasoning, the long ship to a foreign country and the layoff that was a very impressive win for Casino Drive. Casino drive is a serious horse, possibly as good or better than his classic winning siblings. The horse proved me wrong. This son of Better Than Honour will make the Belmont a very intriguing race, I hope that JAL reservations is ringing off the hook with Japanese race fans booking the NRT-JFK non-stop to see the Belmont. I hope the Japanese Elvis Yutaka Take take one of these NRT-JFK seats and ships in for the Belmont to ride.


Anonymous said...

I'd have to lean toward getting a local jock for the Belmont. That two-turn 1 1/2 distance on Big Sandy is a bear for Racing Hall of Fame jockeys who ride in New York full time let alone someone shipping halfway around the world who rides a lot on turf.

Anonymous said...

You really went about face on this one didn't you? From hater to fan in less than an hour...impressive.