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11 May 2008

Evening Attire Will Race On Thursday, This Horse Is Clearly Loved

Take a peep at the condition book and see that Evening Attire is nominated for a twelve furlong overnight stakes race.

Evening Attire is a true favorite and he usually wins a race every so often. At ten years old he is an anomaly on the world of racing. An iron horse who still runs in stakes company at ten years old while most stakes horses retire during or after the three year old season. The horse is the star of the barn and is loved by everyone from the groom to the trainer to the owner to his adoring fans. He really is a creature that is loved. Here's to Evening Attire, I hope he runs his race on Thursday and comes home safe again. This is a horse who is beloved on the backside and frontside. Wouldn't it be nice if the outside world noticed how much a horse like Evening Attire is loved?

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