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31 May 2008

Casino Drive Spied In The Paddock On Thursday

Casino Drive was schooling in the paddock at Belmont on Thursday. From my computer I was able to view the live feed from Belmont Park. He looked absolutely tremendous as he was walked around the paddock. Arched neck, shiny chestnut coat, mane flowing/whipping around in the wind and he was strutting his stuff like the alpha horse in the paddock. He looked like one bad colt to be reckoned with, he took one look at one of the claimers in the paddock and started whipping his tail around in disdain. . The only knock I could have on his appearance as maybe he was a little too fresh, he was whipping his tail, bossing around the two handlers and generally just doing as he pleased. How could anyone with a pulse not be looking forward to the showdown next week with Big Brown? It is clear that this showdown will start in the paddock, with Big Brown and Casino Drive both vying for alpha horse control.


Rufus Youngblood said...

I think you're right when you say that criticizing Dutrow for being confident and talking straight about BB's chances are typical press behavior -- let's make a story out of nothing. Someone adds a little color to the game and they want to suggest that he isn't illustrating proper decorum.
Hey, if BB wins than what can anyone say? Not much more than that he was right. His class will be tested if the horse loses, and Dutrow starts making excuses. Then people can accuse him of being classless.
Still, I can't admire any trainer who is so willing to use steroids (I read that all of his runners get a monthly wisterol), and his other infractions, like milkshaking, should not be compared to working your horse out in the dark. There's nothing wrong with a little sleight of hand if it's not illegal.
As far as Iavarone is concerned, I think you're really wasting your time there. Yes, who cares about a few youthly indiscretions, but the guy is the personification of the cynicism of American racing. The sport, and thus the fans, are crapped on so breeders can make money. So BB wins the TC. He retires after 5 or 6 races to probably pass on bad feet to his overpriced progeny who if they're any good race 4 or 5 times before retiring. Where does this end? Guys like Iavarone aren't evil, just sharp and astute business-wise. But they are not the answer to racing's current woes by a longshot.
Sure, the other stuff is just hot air, but Dutrow's fondness for medications that have never been proven to do anything but harm the horses he supposedly loves and nurtures, and Iavarone's desire to put money above the sport are real reasons to hope the Belmont is over soon so both of them can go home, with or without the Triple Crown in hand.

G. C. said...

Fair rebuttal Rufus and with those reasons I agree with you, I think you are on-point regarding IEAH being in it for the money. Hopefully they will do the right thing and have Brown race a few more times and get in the gate for a mega race with Curlin.

My issue was with the personal character assassination on Dutrow and Iavarone in the press and on-line. If these people wanted to bash Dutrow and Iavarone they should have had the substance to consider the present and the future in their attacks. The Bloomberg article was pathetic and the anonymous commenter cockroach that dug up and made up a bunch of stuff about Dutrow was even worse. Digging up some dirt from the early 1980's and 1990's ignores the pertinent issues and frankly shows the bashers to be envious, hateful, closeminded people.

Bashing Dutrow because of his brashness shows that they are close minded, inexperienced and quite square. This guy treats his horses well and is a helluva trainer. He also is good for the game with his big mouth, a real headline maker in a game disparate for headlines.

If these bashers could focus in on how the horse is going to be retired and cashed out their bashing is something I could get behind. At this point it smacks of pure jealousy, envy and complete social inexperience. They can keep the character assassination, if they went for a more educated mode of attack, one that focuses on how IEAH is going to crap all over the game, perhaps I could agree a bit more on the Dutrow-Iavrone bash bandwagon.