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16 May 2008

Pavlov's Dogs Have Learned Their Lessons Well After The Eight Belles Tragedy

In the wake of the Eight Belles tragedy, the masses have learned to make an association between horse racing and animal cruelty. 38% of Americans questioned a a gallup poll support baning Horse racing. The association between racing and cruelty has spread fast on the heels of the publicity generated by the triple crown races. Soon going to a horse race will be the social opposite of buying organic food from whole foods, it represents greed, cruelty to the environment and not feeling good about yourself and your consumer purchases.

Interesting read over at the Daily Mail from the UK. The interesting part was all of the American posters on this article on horse racing basically said the same thing over and over again. It looks like some of the European posters have learned some of these lessons too. Like Pavlov's dogs answering a bell Americans seem to give the same reaction over and over again when the subject of horse racing is brought up. Looks like racing has made it's way to the same list as child abductions, Nazi's, the war in Iraq, terrorists and high gas prices. Just go against any of these things and you can instantly claim the high moral ground and feel good about yourself fighting the good fight while giving no effort to the cause and knowing absolutely nothing about what you are talking about. Racing now generates a response or more of a reflex that it is "all about greed and human entertainment". It is the same response over and over again.

While it is certainly valid to feel empathy towards an animal in distress these people are not showing empathy, this is something different. They are saying I am better than you because I do not approve of an activity where a horse can be hurt, you are a disgusting, greedy, animal abuser for liking horse racing. Publicly denouncing racing on the internet or the water cooler is the new and hot way to feel good about yourself. While I hate to see racing dragged through the mud like this, I do hope this black eye on racing is necessary to bring about positive change.

some American responses to these photos;

This is animal cruelty.

- Romina, Pennsylvania, USA

I don't like horse racing. I couldn't care less if it is the sport of kings or traditional. It is hard on the animals. But no one cares since it brings in millions. Makes me sick.

- Louise, USA

Poor horse! I'm so glad she was uninjured!

- Lisa-Marie, California, USA

Horse racing and shows make me so sick for the animals. They run such a terrible risk of injury and are often put down when that happens. It's simply disgusting.

- Melissa Kairuz, NYC, USA

First the Derby, now this. Poor animal. Even though she is okay, it is cruel and inhumane to continue with races. It's all about greed and human entertainment.

- Maria, Maine, USA

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