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14 March 2009

14Mar Play Of The Day

Santa Anita Race 4
Focusing the entirety of my handicapping effort on the Magna 5 carryover. After much scrutiny the single is going to be the very logical Pioneer Of The Nile in Santa Anita Race 4. Pioneer Of The Nile has class, form and pace edges over this field and seems to have scared off all of his competition.

Win #2 Pioneer Of The Nile

66 14-9-10
strike rate 21%
cumulative return $144.30
$2 ROI $2.19


Unknown said...

Is you're play of the day the most likely winner on the day or the horse you think offers the most value?

I hope it's the former.

G. C. said...

It is your play of the day not you're play of the day. I like giving out horses not English lessons.

Since you took the time to post I will clarify that Pioneer Of The Nile is a single in the Magna 5 carryover, nothing more nothing less. I would not take the win bet at 2/5.

G. C. said...

Pioneer Of The Nile wins and pays a miserly $2.60 for the win bettors. However the magna 5 paid over $22K for $1 with Pioneer Of The Nile keyed. There is your value.

67 15-9-10
strike rate 22%
cumulative return $146.90
$2 ROI $2.19