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27 March 2009

Mr. Fantasy Off Derby Trail

Does Terry Finley read Power Cap? The horse who reacted adversely to the crowd at the Gotham is off the derby trail. He will be spotted much more judiciously in The Withers. With his talent he has a chance to win many New York bred races like his brother Tin Cup Chalice. Shipping may be an issue but if he likes a good road trip those summer races like the WV Derby feature huge purses and moderate competition. Mr. Fantasy's summer fantasy may involve standing in the winner circle of B level tracks like Mountaineer, Philly Park or Hoosier. The lucrative New York Bred triple could be his for the taking. Taking this colt off the derby trail was a sharp call. The derby is not everything and Finley recognizes this. The man in charge of West Point is a smooth operator.


Anonymous said...

Terry Finley is "a smooth operator"??

The word you should have used is "realist"

Amateurcapper said...

MR. FANTASY will be a dangerous Preakness "new face" after he rebounds in the Withers.