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31 March 2009

Racing's Favorite Punching Bag

There is a poll on the right margin called "Racing's Favorite Punching Bag". A slow Tuesday is a good time to to explain what this is all about. This Punching Bag is not a speed bag or a heavy bag but the people and personalities in the game that take an undue amount of abuse or criticism, much of it unwarranted. Most of this abuse seems to stem from jealousy, private racial hostility or human nature to resent those that openly speak the truth. Surely there are times when these punching bags deserve their abuse but I am still trying to find the crime in IEAH acquiring a 50% stake in Gotham winner I want revenge. This week the gym has been packed and our punching bag poll mates have been getting worked over for little or no reason. Let's see a few examples before we vote;

IEAH Stable

Sheikh Mohammed

Frank Stronach

Churchill Downs

Rick Dutrow


Breeders Cup


dana said...

I noticed this poll last week or so and think it's great. In fact, I think the answers could probably change weekly.

Two weeks ago Stronach was the likely punching bag, last week the NTRA or ESPN, this week so far looks like possibly IEAH, but it's only Tuesday! You should consider going to a weekly format, Punching Bag of the Week.

G. C. said...

Dana has it right, the punching of the week is a very dynamic topic. This week is interesting with several well worn punching bags in the spotlight with much to lose. A loss in the Wood for I Want Revenge would be a knock out blow for IEAH so they are the favorite to take the worse beating in the press and on-line this week.

dana said...

Looks like Waldrop is pulling ahead of IEAH today.

G. C. said...

I need to get Mullins in here. His recent success will make him a target. Add in the detention barn shenanigans and we have a punching bag ready for big time action. That TJ Simmers comment from 2006 is going to be dug up more than a Roman archeological site.