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30 March 2009

Female Jockey Mania At Aqueduct

With five women riding at Aqueduct this past winter the press is starting to take notice. There hasn't been this many local articles about racing outside of the triple crown in years. It just goes to show that if you want some attention get a few cute girls into the mix. First there was the Maylan Studart article in the Times, then the Davis article in the Times and the trifecta was capped by an article about all five in the Daily News. Will this get more people out to the Wood Memorial this Saturday? Not sure if it will draw one person to the game but every little bit helps in a game that is attention starved. For my money Rosie Napravnik is one of the best jockeys in the room boy or girl.

Photo Credit: Bryan Smith NYDN

Maylan Studart NY Times

Jackie Davis NY Times

Female Jockeys NY Daily News


Frank said...

Rosie can ride, for sure. Horses respond to her, she rides hard all the way around, and she's absolutely fearless -- if there's an inside route, she'll find it. She's ridden a bunch of our horses in Maryland and most often done a great job.

G. C. said...

Frank has it ride about Rosie. Take a close look at the replays, everything Rosie does is top shelf. On top of the great technique Rosie has the heart of a lion, she is fearless. She may be the most underrated rider in the Aqueduct room. As a handicapper and fan she has my full respect.